Why watch reallifecam sex videos are more exciting than Jet set girls pics?

The popularity of live webcams is probably one of the least recognized phenomena of the digital evolution. Yet, it is one of the fastest growing trends as more and more people opt for live shows as a means of content consumption online. Have you stopped to think why more and more people love reallifecam sex videos than Jet set girls these days?
Here are five reasons why:
1. Proliferation of webcam sites

From the content producers’ end, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of channels that offer real life cam porn. There has been a growth in both number of available channels and the variety of content they broadcast.
In the earlier days of live webcams, they were mainly known for adult shows. Today, there is a live webcam show for pretty much every type of content you can think of, from animal cams to place-event cams and even watching grass grow. This increased variety has attracted a lot more people to the practice.
2. Better internet connection

Connection has been an integral part of the growth of the internet. Today, more than ever, people are able to access even bigger amounts of information on less bandwidth than before. The cost has thus significantly gone down, making it friendlier for people to access reallifecam sex videos at
The increased internet speeds have also made webcams more real time with much fewer losses in connection and buffering times. Under this, it is also worthy of note that internet penetration keeps growing by the day.
3. Allows access to content on a need-basis
This is the single most outstanding feature among those that make webcams so popular. The interactivity of real life cam porn makes so many people fall in love with them. It is like having a face-to-face interaction with your favorite performer of literally visiting a dream destination.
The proximate interaction allows users to make specific requests to the content producers. These requests can help the producer to be more creative in filming to produce custom content for an even better user experience.
4. Current events viewed live as they happen

As the preference for content-on-demand increases, the way people consume news continues to change. News webcams allow users to see events as they happen, properly exploiting the timeliness value of news. If for instance, there was a live webcam during the recent deadly gunman attack in Las Vegas, users would have seen much of the terrifying news before it got to a conventional TV. This may, however, be a negative especially in such instances of graphic uncensored content.
5. Evolution of devices used to access the internet

The evolution of mobile phones and computers has made it easier to use these devices to access reallifecam sex videos from literally everywhere. The PC has evolved to smaller versions like tablets and pads, which are even more mobile than the initial versions of the desktop and laptop.
Mobile phones have, on their part, adopted, even more, qualities of the conventional computer, from RAM size to the quality of inbuilt cameras. This availability of devices to use on the go has greatly contributed to the increased preference for real life cam porn.
The effects of live webcams as a method of online content consumption may be a point that evokes great debate, but what cannot be ignored is the rate at which this trend is growing. Of course, like every other internet phenomenon, it brings with it its own advantages and drawbacks. That said, it is an exciting area for both producers and consumers to explore.