Staying Fit and Healthy on the Road


We recently chatted with Ruth Zukerman, co-Founder of Flywheel Sports, about her strategies for staying fit and healthy when she’s traveling.

“I almost always workout when I travel, because I’m traveling to teach class,” she said. “I recommend it because you feel better and are less stressed out.”

If there’s not a Flywheel in your destination (there are currently 23 location and 7 more opening this fall), you can always work out in your hotel room. “It’s easy to do strength training and toning in your room. Throw a band in you suitcase and use it for resistance, or try squats, lunges, leg lifts and ab work.”

When it comes to eating, “Try to stick as close as possible to greens and proteins, including steak, chicken and fish.” Avoid sauces and say no to heavy dressings. “It’s all portion control at the end of the day.” Ruth’s favorite on-the-go snack is Kind Bars. “They’re good if you don’t have time for a proper meal.”

As for beauty products, “I use a lot of Olay products.” Ruth likes the Olay 4-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths to take off makeup and is a big fan of the Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash. “I have to shower a lot so I have to guard against dryness. The Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash is so moisturizing, it allows me to skip the lotion step, it gives my skin a sheen.”

Find out more about Flywheel.

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