FEED USA + Target

FEED + Target tote bags

Just when you think Target can’t top itself with another designer collaboration, it introduces another one filled with must-have items–and this one benefits a good cause to boot. The new FEED USA + Target collection aims to provide 10 million meals to hungry Americans through Lauren Bush Lauren’s FEED and Feeding America. For every item purchased, a set number of meals will be donated.

A few of our favorite pieces are the Tote Bags (shown above) that provide 28 meals for $35 each.

The stackable bracelets that provide a total of 12 meals and are $15 for a set of three.
FEED + Target bracelets two

T-shirts that provide 12 to 16 meals each and cost $15 to $20.

FEED + Target womens t-shirts

And these dish towels that would make an ideal housewarming gift and provide six meals and cost $10 for a set of three.

FEED + Target dish towels

The Feed USA + Target products go on sale at Target stores and online on June 30.

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