Clinique’s Expanded Almost Lipstick Honey Line

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One of the saddest things for me when I went from being a blonde to a redhead a few years back was that my old standby Clinique’s Almost Lipstick Black Honey no longer flattered my coloring. With the combination of my newly red hair and the purplish tint of the lipstick, I was just a little too colorful. Fast forward a few years and now the beloved lipstick comes in six new colors. ranging from Tender Honey, a barely there sheen of color, to Chic Honey, a brownish pink shade. (That’s the collection, above. Like Black Honey, all the shades look much darker in the tube.)

Ashley Benson PLL

PLL's Ashley Benson always wears pink lipstick on the show.

When I interviewed Jenna Menard, Clinique’s Global Colour Director, she let me in on the secret that Flirty Honey, a wearable pink, is her favorite. I’ve quickly fallen in love with the hue myself and have learned a little trick of my own: If you want to look younger, stash the bold reds and burgundys and opt for bright pink instead. I realized this trick from watching Pretty Little Liars, where all the characters, even the mom’s, sport bright pink lips at least once an episode.

Clinique Flirty Honey

Me wearing Flirty Honey

Another secret Jenna taught me: If you’re still a little shy about wearing bright pink, apply the lipstick straight to your lips and your natural shade will help diffuse the color. For more of a punch, apply a nude lip pencil first.

Check out the full Clinique Almost Lipstick line.

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