Eiffel Tower and Champagne-Inspired Jewelry


If I were to try to dream up two collections of jewelry perfect for me, I couldn’t do better than the Korbella a jewelry collection or the Laura Lobdell Champers collection.

The Korbella collection (shown above) features actual pieces of the Eiffel Tower. The designer Paul Michael Bedell was able to get his hands on a segment of the original spiral staircase that once connected the lower Tower floors to the top. It was removed in 1983 for safety reasons and auctioned off and he was able to connect with the buyer. Aside from adoring all things Parisian, this collection reminds me of a Christmas ornament my dad gave me that featured a piece of the original ceiling of the Library of Congress and the tiny piece of the Berlin Wall that I keep in my jewelry box.

The line will soon be available at Korbella.com.

Champagne ring

I actually had the idea for the Laura Lobdell Champers line (above), but not being a jewelry designer, I never acted on it. The line is inspired by the wire cage on top of a bottle of champagne. Being a bubble-holic, I’ve made rings out of the actual cages (and miniature chairs), which admittedly were nowhere nears as glamorous or practical as Lobdell’s gold and silver interpretations.

Check out the full collection on LauraLobdell.com


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